Understanding Self

It is high time that as young women, we begin to understand ourselves as we face life.

Sometimes we never know what life is all about unless we face the truth. Just as fire is covered by smoke and mirror is obscured by dust, just as an embryo rests deep within the womb, wisdom is hidden by selfish desire. We need to let our own being to be explained by us. We are the only ones who can describe ourselves best. We face challenges in life and think that we have no purpose being alive and in the end, find ourselves cursing the day our mothers gave us to the world.


We really need to be our own self best encouragement before we get external help. Although, it’s never out of knowledge to ask for help but it’s stupid to never ask for help when you have sisters and mentors to hold your hand  whenever you feel like breaking down.

Article by

Miriam Wambua

Group 7 Camp Beneficiary