It all began when she answered to an internet announcement.

Lolita is from Nigeria and at only 26 years of age her testimony
seems almost unbelievable. Her story perfectly illustrates some of the
hardships thousands of African women go through. Prostitution has
reduced her to a drug addict and an alcoholic with aids pulling her into
the doomed path of the grim reaper.

Prostitution among African women is snowballing in Europe.
Amely-James Bela, a business school graduate, has a long history of
humanitarian and community work. She has been fighting to stop the
traffic of women and children for prostitution. Her book La prostitution
africaine en Occident sounds an alarm on this phenomenon. has also decided to follow her example by bringing this
trend to light.

“If only I knew what was in store for me here, in this crazy place,
this place that so many people admire, this place they all want to come
to (…) a place where we, Africans, are considered as good for nothing,
slaves who are made to eat human excrement and drink their urine. Some
find it normal that sick people, perverts, rich people… use their money
and influence to gravely abuse other humans.

They say that we are adults and therefore consenting, but this is not
true because no one asked for my consent before throwing me into this
hell hole. I was forced and threatened… and if we are adults, what about
the kids who find themselves in this milieu? Those people pay a lot to
abuse the youngest ones. Poor people do not pay such ludicrous amounts
of money for such things, simply because all their money will still not
be enough to buy these…

“I am not afraid anymore”

I am disgusted and no more afraid, and by the way, who cares? My days
are numbered anyway. My aids is in its final stages. They have more
respect for dogs than for us. I know that not all the girls go through
what I have been through. But I know what goes on in this milieu and why
the girls deny all those horrendous things so as not to fall victim to
their anger. Their riches give them the right over our lives… If their
drugs, their aids and alcohol had not brought me to my death bed, their
filth and the filth of their dogs that I was made to swallow as well as
their violence would have done it anyway.

I have prayed to God to forgive me and take me back. No human being
can live with what I have in my head. I only have to close my eyes for a
few seconds for all the horrors to come rushing back. Everyday and
every night I go through the same torture. I need someone to help me end
it all, I have no energy in me to even try it. My God! I want just a
moment of silence to rest. I just want it over and done with and just
go, go, go…

Recruited via the Internet

My troubles began in Lagos. I came across an internet announcement,
which said that a businessman was looking for women who wanted to get
married for his dating agency. There were photos and stories of happy
and successful marriages. Apart from the internet announcement, I also
answered to announcements posted in these magazines that we find
everywhere now. It all went very fast. The man contacted me and we
started communicating via the Internet. He promised me things that no
woman would refuse. A dream. In a matter of three months, I had every
single paper needed to leave for London. He also gave me the names of
persons I had to meet and everything went well. I also had to go to
Benin City (a city in Nigeria, ndlr) to collect a small parcel for him. I
was a bit taken aback when I realized that the little parcel he was
talking about were three young boys between the ages of eight and
twelve. Their passports and visas were ready. Everything was ok. I went
to see a guy called “wizard” for instructions.

Our trip took us through Ghana where someone provided us with
Liberian passports with which we traveled to London. This was to help us
obtain refugee status with ease. We left after spending three days in a
shantytown in Accra where we were hidden to “avoid being spotted by
jealous people who were not as lucky as us!” hmmm… The youngest boy was
gripped by fear. He cried a lot, his whole body shook and could not
utter a word. His only refuge were my arms and the only moment he left
my arms was to allow me to go to the bathroom…

Defenseless children

At the airport, my fiancé and the person who was to collect the
children were waiting. The separation was very painful. A lot of force
was needed to tear the little boy from me. I never heard of those
children again. I followed this man whom I knew nothing about apart from
the fact that he called himself “Bryan”. We barely got to his house
when the nightmare began. First of all, he wanted us to do it right
away. But I told him that I needed some time as it is not too easy to
open up to someone I did not know, just like that. But his violent grip
made me give in immediately. My first hours on the English soil were
marked with rape and violence on somebody’s living room floor. He took a
rest, drank whiskey and came back to do those horrible and painful
things that I didn’t even know existed, again and again. I thought I was
going to die.

I was forced to do what he wanted, I knew only him and he had kept
all my papers. After sexually abusing me, he asked me to watch films in
which girls were having sex with animals. He said to study what the
girls were doing because I was going to do the same soon. He said that
my arrival had cost him a lot of money and I was going to have to pay
him back. He also said that because he is a very nice man, he would find
good business and film contracts and split the money between the two of
us. He gave me a little something to give me courage, but not to worry
because there was a lot of money to be made. Lots of money. That little
something to give me courage was, in fact, drugs. This is how, three
weeks after my arrival in England, I became a bestial porn star addicted
to drugs and traveling through european capitals; Amsterdam, Berlin,
Paris and London, my residence.

Women and animals

Once or twice a week, I was sent to film sets or individual homes to
tape these nasty pornographic videos. Sometimes the master and his dogs
would join in. It gave me nausea. His wife would look on, amused, while
mixing herself cocktails. I took drugs and drunk before doing those
scenes, because without getting high on drugs, I just couldn’t do it.
These animals in me, their slaver, their hairs, their bad breathe, the
scratches from their claws, while obeying their masters who would order
them to go slow or use violence with me under them… I cried, I screamed,
I prayed for the good lord to take me away. What was I doing? My poor
mother would die if she knew. To prevent her from asking too many
questions, I sent her money along with carefully staged photographs
Bryan and I made.

The worst moment came was when I was made to perform oral sex on
these animals. Sex with the animals were unprotected and the man told me
that I was not at risk since God had made sure that animals could not
impregnate humans. For years I did only that. Litres of animal sperm in
my stomach. My body is so filthy that not a single child could possibly
be conceived in it. One day, to spice up the scenes, the producer’s wife
went and fetched puppies to suck my breasts. It was very painful
because they sucked violently as there was no milk. The professionals
sell these films across the world while others watch them during

My family lives well and I live with aids

I have to confess that I made a lot of money. I had a house built
back home and my family lives well. I pay the school fees for the young
ones and I am respected and adored. My family is very proud of me
because they know nothing about what I do. Out of greed, I worked more
to get more money, which also meant more drugs and alcohol. Sometimes
Bryan rented me out to a friend of his in the south of France, because
in summer, the arrival of a number of yachts and celebrities at the côte
d’azur means a big market for prostitutes and drug dealers. There are
all night long orgies and they pay a lot. It is a change from the usual
work and brings in a lot of money.

I think that is where I was infected with aids… and because I did not
have regular medical check ups the disease was discovered too late. I
was abandoned on the beaches of Saint Tropez. Bryan disappeared and
changed his address. A prostitute from Poland came to my aid but since
she was not able to cater for my drug needs as well as all she was doing
for me, she introduced me to an African girl who was also involved in
the same line of work, who introduced me to an association that takes
care of African women with aids…

My disease is in its terminal stage. I won’t live past thirty. My
body is covered with leeches, I am a drug addict, anorexic, alcoholic… I
still work as a prostitute, but I am careful not to put my clients, who
know nothing about my situation, at risk. I do it to help me buy drugs
and alcohol. I take those things to speed things up, you know, my death.
The images torture me and it is like a poison killing me in small
doses. It is the worst kind of death. I regret so much for coming to
Europe. Back home, I would be healthy, married and by now a mother…”