She tried calling out to her mother

But she could listen to none of it
Hoping to get assistance from her sister
But she was ignored

Thoughts, dreams haunted, threatened her
She could not bring herself to the facts
In school she had learnt about it
Advised to report if any tragedy
Would occur back at home

Fear was in her she thought of her families
Reputation and not hers
She had to come up with a plan
It was the next day and there was no backing off

Her father was so happy and had a suitor
For her
She wept on the inside and faked a smile
On the outside
The preparations were set

Soon after the cut she would get married
Such she had not desired
Big dreams she had
And was afraid they were finally nullified
By her own father

They matched to the river
Where the cut was to be done
All her other colleagues were excited
For her she was trembling

When it was her turn
She thought for a moment
‘Spread your legs’
She denied, looked in her father’s eyes
They were filled with rage
She run away to sort for help
Never to go back to the people
Whom she loved betrayed her

Article by Joy Mwende
Mentoring and Empowerment camps Alumni.