When i was in High school, We used to get uniform skirts sooo long, you had to step on them while walking and sometimes even fall down…Recently, there has been a debate over Honorable Mutula’s response regarding wearing of short skirts after a school goes on strike after their head teacher refused them to!! I think Most people in Kenya just don’t like change!!! They like to remain primitive and old fashioned, and for this reason, they are dragging the progress of other people who want to move forward. In my opinion, I think that the skirts should not be too long and not to short. Allow them to be at least in level with the knees…That’s not too bad is it???
I am not saying this because i wish that at my time skirts were shorter, because with or without permission, we wore short skirts but then we would keep hiding from the teacher on duty because if you were caught…it was an immediate suspension, or the skirt would be confiscated.
Anyway, if it is a matter of indecency, ok. I agree sometimes girls can go overboard and over do it and abuse such freedom, but this does not apply to girls only. Any person granted the freedom to do something can sometimes enjoy that freedom too much and abuse it in the long run.
Therefore, i think people should not be quick to harshly rebuke Hon. Mutula. Even though he has yet again retreated on the allegation he made, we are glad he heated the debate for us. I am not advocating for mini skirts in high school, although it would be good if the girls were given a little freedom to show ‘some legs’. And i am saying this with the knowledge that some male teachers might give this as an excuse to abuse some girls in school. However, it should be noted that this can not be a major contributory factor to abuse. There are several, and i believe we know a few. It has happened in the past, and is continuing to happen in most schools, What the Ministry of education is doing to stop it is a discussion for another day, but for now let us consider this whole issue at hand.
Post your comments and let us hear what you think about this issue…