Behind The Pink gate

Behind The Pink gate

Safe spaces are critical for the autonomy that many Girls need to
develop. As part of the larger women's movement agenda, RCWG has
created a unique safe space, behind our Pink Gate. This is a space where adolescent girls can develop social assets, political awareness, talk together and decide what their own needs and wants are. BTPG is a safe entry point for difficult discussions and decisions.
BTPG is a space where Girls can bond without patriarchal interruptions of any kind. BTPG is an active political strategy where young Kenyan Women and adolescent Girls can become conscious and articulate about themselves and their environment, and also define their own ideas as individual women and as a constituency of SISTERS that is affected by patriarchal
laws and practices! It is a space for self-reflection and celebration; and, it is safe!

Follow us to find out all the things that happen BTPG


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