Year 2012-2013 - Themes; Peace Building and Conflict Resolution, Leadership and Career Development

Group 5Drawing from experiences from neighboring countries on the violence, war and conflict, and our own country's experience from the Post-election violence, peace building and conflict resolution is a core unit at the camp.

We look at how conflicts affect women, how to manage conflicts in our society, root cause of conflict, its effects and how it can be resolved for peace restoration.

LEADERSHIP: As young women, possessing leadership skills enables us to develop other talents, skills and build on our character. Some of the questions asked include what leadership is, and what it entails. Having a space such as the camp, the participants seek further clarification especially with the integration of the affirmative action. They seek to learn more and they are given a platform to exercise their leadership skills through interactive exercises during the camps.

They are empowered on ways to develop their leadership skills and are encouraged to take advantage of leadership positions which come their way.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT: As young women, having goals, dreams and ambitions is inevitable. With the right networks to guide you, realizing some of these dreams can be easy. We therefore bring women who have exceled in different fields in their professions to advise these girls on the different paths to take for themselves. Paths in life that will help them realize their full potential.
Career development workshops are therefore organized for every group before they graduate from the mentoring camps as a way to prepare them for future endeavors they want to undertake.

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