Year 2010-2011 - Themes; Human Rights, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Violence Against Women

Group 4This entails discussions on what human rights are and how they affect us. Making participants understand that women's rights are human rights. Empowering them to be able to understand and question what they entail and how relevant they are in their development.

Acknowledging and understanding that we have freedoms and we should be confident enough to exercise and maximize them as a way to reach our full potential.

SEXUAL REPODUCTIVE HEALTH AND RIGHTS: Entails making the young women and girls aware about the connection between sex, sexuality, power and girls/women's oppression. Empowering them to increase their self-esteem and to see the positive attributes about their bodies. To be comfortable and to love their bodies regardless of their skin color, height, shape or size. To be able to be in charge and make their own choices regarding their bodies.

VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: Women experience all sorts of violence. Participants are taught to understand what violence against women is and the difference between different forms of violence. How and where to report and some of the stereo types which exist to continue to justify violence.

They are taught on how to manage relationships and to study hard in school, be independent so that they can have choices in life. It also involves being aware of the policies put forward by the government to deal with violence against women. Being able to link violence against women connecting the DOTs which is the theme of our mentoring camps

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