Years 2008-2009 - Themes; Self-management, Empowerment and Mentorship

Group 2Managing self well means having a better understanding of Self and your environment and taking care of both. Understanding and recognizing that the environment we live in and the people around us, in one way or the other influence the choices we make and how we react to various situations.

Thus finding a balance ensures that we have control of the handlebar and lever in our lives and hence we are able to steer our life in the direction that will help us achieve our goals. This we do through creation of ME-time as well as an exercise which involves writing a motivational/inspiring letter to ourselves at a certain time in our lives on the goals we want to achieve in for example 3 years, and opening the letter after that certain period to see how much of what you wrote in the letter you have achieved.

EMPOWERMENT: A formidable term that carries a lot of meaning, from language to behavior, and gestures to character. From how we operate and manage ourselves in public or in private and the lasting impression we leave on the people we meet and interact with on a day to day basis and most of all what we think about ourselves and how we influence the decisions we make in life. 

MENTORSHIP: In our lives and as we grow up, we look up to our parents first and try to emulate them. Later on in life, we meet different people who we look up to and pick out our role models based on how they conduct themselves, their achievements and the impact and effect they have on people. However, we are not always certain if these are the right people to emulate.

The Resource Center for Women and Girls empowers us through providing a pool of mentors to guide us. We nurture mentor-mentee relationships as these relationships become the backbone of many young women's knowledgebase whereby they get to interact with different group of women and share with them issues that they find difficult to share with their parents or guardians, and in turn this strengthens the sisterhood bond within our networks.

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