Year 2007 - Themes; Introduction to the Camps and Personal Development

Group 1This was the first Camp that the RCWG held. The girls were therefore introduced to the organization, it's mission and vision which is to empower young women and girls. An introduction exercise was performed to make them feel at ease with each other and learn and bond with each other as they were all very shy and unfamiliar with the surroundings. Some girls were very small and their voices were barely audible. This is a clear indication of the background that most of these girls come from where they are not supposed to talk. In this space, they were informed that they need to speak and be heard because the Camp is all about ME!


This topic mainly focused on how aware we are about the 'Self' and how we relate to it, how it influences our actions and how it influences our transformation. A good example of a tool used is the 'Johari Window'; which has the hidden, known, unknown and blind self each defining what we know about ourselves and what others perceive or make conclusions about us.

The participants are given an oral her story exercise which involves writing about women who we admire and would like to emulate e.g. Hon. Martha Karua motivates us to attain what some of these remarkable women have managed to achieve in their lives

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