Group 5Drawing from experiences from neighboring countries on the violence, war and conflict, and our own country's experience from the Post-election violence, peace building and conflict resolution is a core unit at the camp.

We look at how conflicts affect women, how to manage conflicts in our society, root cause of conflict, its effects and how it can be resolved for peace restoration.

LEADERSHIP: As young women, possessing leadership skills enables us to develop other talents, skills and build on our character. Some of the questions asked include what leadership is, and what it entails. Having a space such as the camp, the participants seek further clarification especially with the integration of the affirmative action. They seek to learn more and they are given a platform to exercise their leadership skills through interactive exercises during the camps.

They are empowered on ways to develop their leadership skills and are encouraged to take advantage of leadership positions which come their way.

Group 4This entails discussions on what human rights are and how they affect us. Making participants understand that women's rights are human rights. Empowering them to be able to understand and question what they entail and how relevant they are in their development.

Acknowledging and understanding that we have freedoms and we should be confident enough to exercise and maximize them as a way to reach our full potential.

SEXUAL REPODUCTIVE HEALTH AND RIGHTS: Entails making the young women and girls aware about the connection between sex, sexuality, power and girls/women's oppression. Empowering them to increase their self-esteem and to see the positive attributes about their bodies. To be comfortable and to love their bodies regardless of their skin color, height, shape or size. To be able to be in charge and make their own choices regarding their bodies.

Group 2Managing self well means having a better understanding of Self and your environment and taking care of both. Understanding and recognizing that the environment we live in and the people around us, in one way or the other influence the choices we make and how we react to various situations.

Thus finding a balance ensures that we have control of the handlebar and lever in our lives and hence we are able to steer our life in the direction that will help us achieve our goals. This we do through creation of ME-time as well as an exercise which involves writing a motivational/inspiring letter to ourselves at a certain time in our lives on the goals we want to achieve in for example 3 years, and opening the letter after that certain period to see how much of what you wrote in the letter you have achieved.

EMPOWERMENT: A formidable term that carries a lot of meaning, from language to behavior, and gestures to character. From how we operate and manage ourselves in public or in private and the lasting impression we leave on the people we meet and interact with on a day to day basis and most of all what we think about ourselves and how we influence the decisions we make in life. 

Group 1This was the first Camp that the RCWG held. The girls were therefore introduced to the organization, it's mission and vision which is to empower young women and girls. An introduction exercise was performed to make them feel at ease with each other and learn and bond with each other as they were all very shy and unfamiliar with the surroundings. Some girls were very small and their voices were barely audible. This is a clear indication of the background that most of these girls come from where they are not supposed to talk. In this space, they were informed that they need to speak and be heard because the Camp is all about ME!


This topic mainly focused on how aware we are about the 'Self' and how we relate to it, how it influences our actions and how it influences our transformation. A good example of a tool used is the 'Johari Window'; which has the hidden, known, unknown and blind self each defining what we know about ourselves and what others perceive or make conclusions about us.

The participants are given an oral her story exercise which involves writing about women who we admire and would like to emulate e.g. Hon. Martha Karua motivates us to attain what some of these remarkable women have managed to achieve in their lives

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