who am i?
what do i see when i look in the mirror?
what do people say or think when they see me?
Do they see my color?
Do they see my talent?
Do they see ME?
Do I see ME?

These are some of the question most girls, young women and mature women ask themselves each day about themselves. Is it that we are brainwashed with what we see on media and social networking sites, trying too hard to fit into the ‘right type’ that inevitably forget who we are?

One of the most talked about item concerns race but most of all color; racial color. I watched the following video which stressed some of the concerns young women and girls face as they grow up, whether in Africa or the global world.

Although not in the same situation as that of Professor Yaba Blay – founder of (1)ne drop, many of us have experienced discrimination one way or the other based on their nothing else but their color.
which begs the question, “what is and is it to be dark skinned or light skinned, and what effects does it have on the little girl growing up in this digital age where light is considered better, but is it?”

I hope the following documentary covered reported by Soledad O’brien, provides you with a hind sight of identifying who you are or what are.


Tyra banks also talked about what color is and why people think that being lighter is better. does that mean being darker your are not good or even better? does it mean that you are any less of a person?

by Caroline Mbinda