An innocent young girl
Not knowing a thing about the world
Very gullible to the things of the earth
Everything she experienced was new to her

She was so excited to join high school
She joined a great school
Not her dream school
But still a prestigious one

Little by little
Her eyes were opened to the world
She didn’t like it one bit

Her hopes of the wolrd being free
Was torn down into bits
The world was judgmental
People didn’t stop being haters

This crashed her world into tiny things
Her heart breaking badly
But she could not believe it
The world wasn’t what she thought it was

Girls terrorized girls
Fellow girls spread rumors
They all tried to demean one another
One way or another

This didn’t break her though
She strived to be strong
To be bold
To be her

The world changed around her
But it didn’t change her it built her tremendously
It is true
What doesn’t kill you
Makes you stronger

Article by Doreen Mbinya
Mentoring and Empowerment Camps Alumni