SMART PLANNING Happy New Year from The Resource Center for Women and Girls fraternity! I realize there is nothing new about this year but before January ends, it would be nice to touch base with our wonderful supporters, followers, and friends! Every start of the year brings forth new expectations and in some cases, resolutions! […]


CELEBRATING WOMEN’S INTERNATIONAL DAY I grew up knowing that every woman had to be circumcised, get married, and have MANY children, Your opinion and how you felt about the practices did not matter at ALL, My husband would abuse me, my screams covered the entire village but that was no one’s business, All my mother […]


THE JOURNEY OF A YOUNG WOMAN IN POLITICS I wake up every morning with anticipation, waiting to see how the day will unfold, and what it has in store for me. The last few weeks weren’t necessarily good, in fact the happenings made me feel small, and that I couldn’t make a difference in the […]


BELIEVING IN SELF An innocent young girlNot knowing a thing about the worldVery gullible to the things of the earthEverything she experienced was new to her She was so excited to join high schoolShe joined a great schoolNot her dream schoolBut still a prestigious one Little by littleHer eyes were opened to the worldShe didn’t […]

Rural Spaces to Global Spaces: The CSW Experience!!

Rural Spaces to Global Spaces: The CSW Experience!! For CSW 62 theme, ‘Challenges and Opportunities in achieving gender equality and empowerment of rural women and girls’ meant that it was important that the Resource Center for Women and Girls be part of this space being that rural girls and rural-urban girls are the priority and […]

A Pretty Dream

A Pretty Dream I was born with a beautiful dream,I didn’t know I had it, Until I realized my potential, ability and passion,I really want to achieve and live it,It’s just a pretty dream! How can I show how much I love and value it,How can I share about it,The more I think of it […]

The Cut

THE CUT She tried calling out to her mother But she could listen to none of itHoping to get assistance from her sisterBut she was ignored Thoughts, dreams haunted, threatened herShe could not bring herself to the factsIn school she had learnt about itAdvised to report if any tragedyWould occur back at home Fear was […]


Dreams DREAMS BY ANN NDERITU. Dreams are neither imaginations,Nor are the things you dream of illusions.Dreams are visions,Visions that create connections.Connections between possibilities and impossibilities. Can you imagine the POWER in dreams?That a deaf hearsA blind seesA dumb talksAnd surprisingly the dormant nature moves! Then what’s the big deal in dreaming biggerBig enough to make […]


AFTER AFTER BY IKRAN MOHAMMED.After every fall, there is a rise.After every debate, there is a compromise.You see, to still believe in your dreams when there is no genuine reason to believe in them.To try to push on one more time with your hands full of blood, full of scars, full of disappointments and miscalculations. […]

Power of the Present Woman

POWER OF THE PRESENT WOMAN A woman is a life-giver and a magic maker Born with the heart of a thousand mothers Open, fearless, and sweet A woman is a person who feels deeply and loves fiercely Being both powerful and soft is her nature She doesn’t make herself pitiful nor does she point fingers […]