I was born with a beautiful dream,

I didn’t know I had it,

Until I realized my potential,
ability and passion,

I really want to achieve and live it,

It’s just a pretty dream!

How can I show how much I love and value it,

How can I share about it,

The more I think of it the more I want it,

It’s like and addiction,

It’s just a pretty dream!

As the sun rises each morning and shines all day long,

As the sun sets so beautifully in the evening,

The more it becomes attractive, beautiful and addictive,

The more thirst quarters my desire over it,

It’s just a pretty dream!

My dream is to become a feminist who influences change,

My dream is to live like a trailblazer,

My dream is touch the lives of

many young girls and women through my story,

My dream is to become a strong pillar in my family.

Oh! It’s such a pretty dream,

I am the pretty dream!

Article by Edith Nene
Mentoring and Empowerment Camps Alumni.