This cutting-edge Organization has been running for over a decade. Our concept of transforming Girls’ lives is rooted in Feminist ideals and ideologies.

A dynamic team of young committed Women runs this international award-winning Organization based in rural Machakos-Kenya! We create unique spaces for according to Girls’ opportunities to thrive, excel and learn to lead.

Our intention is to shift mindsets so that they become part of a critical mass who work together to demolish the systemic barriers that continue to subjugate the very core of their existence.


We envision a Kenya where the Girls and Young women who already hold up the sky have all that they need to live into their power and create waves of change in their lives and their communities.


Our mission is to hold spaces of critical consciousness, life skills, and solidarity and to connect Girls with community-level allies and mentors so that they can drive change in their own lives and those of their communities.


We believe that Girls and Young Women are full of power and potential to transform the world and not investing in them is as good as communities planning self-grace sabotage.

By investing in the group most affected by persistent development challenges, we break negative cycles. Over the past decade, we have created a violet critical mass of transformed transformers from around 47 Counties in rural Kenya.

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Despite the feminization of poverty in many parts of the country, Girls continue to demonstrate their power and potential by reimagining and dreaming differently than what they have been dealt with. Our work in these parts of the country means that Girls know they are seen, they are heard and they matter! We are proud to have been among the recipients of the prestigious With and For Girls Award, a reaffirmation to RCWG and the Girls we work with that their resistance matters and they are a force to reckon with!



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